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Mindful at Morrow

Morrow's Mindset MondayFocus:  Manners  (Week 1 - 5) 

Why:  To help build positive and a respectful culture at school and in the community.

  • Week 1 - I can be heard saying “please” when asking for something

  • Week 2 - When given something, I will always say “Thank you”.  Likewise, when someone says Thank you, I will say You’re welcome.

  • Week 3 - To politely interrupt, I will say Excuse me.

  • Week 4 - I can always be heard saying yes sir, no sir, or yes ma’am and no ma’am to my parents, teachers, coaches, principals, and all other adults in my life. 

  • Week 5 - Phrases such as Good morning, be safe, how are you, and have a great day are all a part of who I am.  

Focus:  Behavior Matters (Week 6 - 13)

Why:  To bring self awareness of what each student is capable of bringing to the classroom or their daily life each day/.  To realize that they must become viable positive citizens of the community and the United States.

  • Week 6 - “I am a Respectful Ram” 

  • Week 7 - “We will be kind and considerate to those around us.”

  • Week 8 - “We will do our part to create a positive place to learn, free from distractions.”

  • Week 9 - “We will look for ways to help others and cheer for them when they have success!”

  • Week 10 - Remaining a RAM - R - We are RESPECTFUL at all times.

  • Week 11 - A - Attitude check

  • Week 12 - M - Mindful of others, ourselves, and surrounding

  • Week 13 - S - self aware 

Focus:  Words Matter  (Week 14 - 18)

Why:  Positive and negative words and thoughts have a huge impact on ourselves and others.

 I will THINK before I speak, text, or act

  • Week 14  - T - Is it true? Social media harassment, gossip, lying, tattle tail, rumors

  • Week 15 - H - Is it helpful, hurtful, are you being honest?

  • Week 16 - I - Is it important?

  • Week 17 - N - Is it necessary or needed?

  • Week 18 - K - Is it kind?

Second Semester

Focus:  Be the Change

Why:  Practicing and working on positive behavior, I will help our culture and community.

  • Week 1 - I will listen 

  • Week 2 - Empathy towards others - Flocabulary: Building Empathy/Understanding Feelings  Building Empathy for Kids

    • Discuss: Why is it important to think of others' feelings?

    • Discuss the meaning of empathy  “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”

    • Discuss:  How can you notice how someone else might be feeling or thinking? 

  • Week 3 - By being kind  - Kind Humor/Sensitive/desensitized (Being sensitive to others….not numb to everything) 

  • Week 4 - Inclusion/Exclusion -  “Ugly Duckling”, “The Name Jar”,  “The Hundred Dresses”, ‘Say Something”

  • Week 5 - Social Awareness/social cues (being aware of what you’re saying) “The Social Butterfly”

  • Poem to practice for fluency: Kind Hearts are the Gardens by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  • Kindness Meditations Key Strategies to Teach Children Empathy

  • Week 6 -  Self Regulation (self control) “Decibella and Her 6-inch Voice” “Eat Pete”,  “The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes”, “The Good Egg”, “Waiting is not Easy”

  • Week 7 - Good Judgment/Social Media Harassment (Bullying) “Recess Queen”, “Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon” “Dealing with Bullying” “I Walk with Vanessa” “The Bully from the Black Lagoon”

  • Week 8 - Knowing what is appropriate and when it’s appropriate/barriers that keep us from understanding the emotional impact-  (texting someone that they’re fat?? Watching this on my smartphone??) Talking in class

  • Week 9 - Be present - mind isn’t wandering when a friend is talking, teacher talking

  • Week 10 - Security/insecurity (what do you feel you’re secure in/not secure in) “Giraffe Problems”

  • Week 11 - Believe in yourself. 

  • Week 12 - What does confidence mean?

  • Week 13 - How can I self-reflect? 

  • Week 14 - What are my strengths and weaknesses?

  • Week 15 - 18 - How can I be the change and use my strengths? How can I empower myself and others? 

Before you...

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T    = Is it True?
H    = Is it Helpful?
I     = Is it Inspiring?
N    = Is it Necessary?
K    = Is it Kind?