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Our Story


Our Mission at Morrow Elementary is to provide a safe environment that equips, educates, and empowers Owasso students on their journey toward outstanding character and success.

School Creed

I am a Respectful Ram.
I can be heard saying Please when asking for something.
When given something, I will always say Thank You.
Likewise, when someone says Thank You, I will say You’re Welcome.
To politely interrupt, I will say Excuse Me.
I can always be heard saying Yes Sir, No Sir, or Yes Ma’am, No Ma’am to my parents,
teachers, coaches, principals, and all other adults in my life.
Phrases such as Good Morning, Be Safe, How Are You, and Have a Great Day are all part
of who I am.

I am a Respectful Ram.
We will be kind and considerate to those around us.
We will do our part to create a positive place to learn, free from distractions.
We will look for ways to help others and cheer for them when they have success.